and we’re back

i strongly considered abandoning this, but today i was listening to the three songs i write about below and wanted you to hear them too. so we start again.

There are some things, like rain in winter or mixing rum and depression, which simply will simply never produce anything remotely positive. Band comparisons are one of those things. Because it is inevitable that, while all great bands, nobody would ever put Aerosmith in the same league as Zeppelin, The Jam alongside the The Clash, or talk about Jackson Browne in the same breath as Bobby Dylan. It does nothing but diminish one band at the expense of elevating another. This isn’t to deny that band’s rip off other bands, but, lets be honest, Sevendust or Godsmack weren’t created by record companies to cash in on post nirvana angst, they were just meatheads who grew up listening to Pearl Jam or stone temple pilots and put their childhood music lessons to lucrative use. That being said,

I want to write about the detachment kit without mentioning Les Savy Fav. They share a label (French Kiss), a producer, a home city (Brooklyn), and as pitchfork really really wants me to believe, a “sound.” Bullshit. They both spazz out and play guitars loud and catchy. But, me, I like the Detachment Kit a lot better. They’re not as crazy as Les Savy Fav (they don’t interview themselves, pour skittles down their audiences throats, or want fans to sing their songs at shows) and they’re not as popular, but I think musically they’ve got the trump card. Easily. Don’t get me wrong, I like LSF just fine and all, but The Detachment Kit play catchier music, with a total sense of abandon.
Skyscrapers is one of the most perfect rock songs of all time. I kid you not. The track is all screams and laughs and the best parts of the bombast of 80s metal with the urgency of your favorite teenage punk band and the dynamics of a crashing spaceship. It’s the sound of sledding down your stairs in a sleeping bag when you realize you can’t stop yourself and you’re probably going to break your leg but goddamn that ride is fun.
And Mister Dash Dash rides on its guitar part. Ignore the lyrics (at least, I have to to fully enjoy the song), and focus on the sweat dripping off the bass part or the way a drum part you’ve heard a thousand and one times since

And The Weakerthans, my (current) favorite band of all time just announced through their myspace page that they’ve finished recording their new album, and it’ll be out in the fall. I’ve got a new reason to live until I’ve worn out my copy of that. Night Windows, a track the band has been playing live for the past few years is as steady and quiet as a sleeping heartbeat, and, as singer John K Samson introduces it at the begining, perfectly reflects the feeling of “all the dead people in your life.”

Mister Dash Dash” is a demo of a track off a self titled “EP” (which is 13 tracks long!), released late last year, which you can buy here.

Skyscrapers” is off the band’s 2004 album, Of This Blood.

Night Windows” is a live track, one that will almost certainly appear on The Weakerthans’ next full length, which may or may not be titled Civil Twilight.  Right now I’m stealing this link from the spectacular B(ootl)og, but i should be able to upload it myself later tonight. 

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