they spoke before they slashed the couch/ another northerner pretends he knows the south because he likes the Drive By Truckers

Calling good punk music “urgent” is like calling a Phillips 60 watt bulb “illuminating,” so when I say that California’s The New Trust are an urgent band, know that I mean something more than redundancy. There is ferocious brevity which the band specializes in, as if they could only afford twenty minutes of studio time, or their bassist was cursed by a gypsy and her fingers would fall off if she plays in any longer than 4 minute intervals. Their songs often sound like catchy shouting matches between people with short attention spans. Personally, I like the “let’s stick some firecrackers in dad’s icebox” feel of 2004’s “We Are Fast Moving Motherfuckers. We Are Women and Men of Action,” better than the “hey, let’s make a monster movie soundtrack, only we don’t know what kind of monster” feel of last years’ full length, “Dark is the Path That Lies Before Us.” The former is near perfect, the latter makes me feel like the band is just trying a bit too hard to create something epic. Also, it has a song about zombies. I’m pretty tired of those.

I’m A Sucker For Backwards Drums” is from 2002’s “We Are Fast Moving Motherfuckers. We Are Women and Men of Action


Chill The Fuck Out” is from 2007’s “Dark is the Path That Lies Before Us



The Drive By Truckers are (deservedly) getting a lot of press for their excellent new album, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. Personally, while I liked the now departed Jason Isbell’s contributions to the band, it was always Patterson Hood’s songwriting that made this band matter to me. The proof is in the lyrics. A song as beautiful as “The Deeper in” from 2005’s “Decoration Day” might very well break down the incest taboo for you. And “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” is what they’re up to now. Keep in mind, this is the lighter side of a rock bands, and I’m giving you two mellow cuts because…well…because I like slide guitar and banjo a whole lot.

The Deeper In” is from 2005 “Decoration Day


Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife”  is from the recently released “Brighter Than Creation’s Dark

That’s all I’ve got for this week.


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