something about houses, something about warmth, something about wolves

So one day there’s this guy on a bus who starts talking to this women whose carrying the most beautiful dog, and they have this great conversation; turns out they both are trying to build rock tumblers, and they both get off at the same stop, walk to the same rock tumbler parts store, and laugh as they but their seperate needed parts, then return home.  the man tells a friend about the encounter,describes the woman, and the friend tsks and tsks, and then says “well, that’s just Amelia.  she used to be one heck of a girl, but she’s changed, gotten quieter.  quite frankly, i think she’s kind of a bore.”  The man stands in disbelief, he had only rarely had engaged with a person as readily as he had with the stranger.  The friend told him to ask around, and he did, and heard the same sorts of things “Five years ago Amelia was the talk of the town. What happened” “I remember she once brought a viola to a dinner party, and when the conversation got dull, she would take it out and play. But that was years ago. She’s really lost it.”

So one day there’s this guy browsing the website of a record label he’s fairly interested in, and he happens upon a sample track by a band he’s never before heard. And the song is downright moving, just a beautiful mix of quickly strummed guitars, smart, loud drums, and a beautifully comatosed voice singing beautifully awake lyrics. And he immidiately buys the album, because the song is just that good. Turns out the album is too. And then he, on a whim, reads some reviews of the album, and they say that it’s “middle of the road, ambient pop” and that the album is the work of “a typical acoustic singer/songwriter.” Either webzine reviewers have become too jaded, i’ve become too earnest, or each release in a band’s catalog should not solely be judged on the past output of the group.

The Last Ten Homes” is from Mice Parade’s 2007 self titled album

And two more, because sometimes winter is tough, on days when slush drops like storebought ziplock bags, and phone conversations never really move past the weather. The first is a song for flashlights under the blankets, the second is a song for days when you’re not sure.

Letter from a Concerned Follower (Radio Session)” is live track from the excellent/expensive 2000 Pedro The Lion EP Progress

Gold Day” is from the 2001 Sparklehorse album “It’s A Wonderful Life

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