this machine cannot be quarantined.

Today I spent 22 minutes watching an episode of the simpsons (the one where Lsa worries about the simpson gene), 1 hour twenty minutes tensely discussing 19th century travel writings of british women in india, 1 hour in therapy, and 1 and a half hours waiting outside of a Chipotle to get a free burrito.  Thus far today, I’ve spent three hours trying to remove the trojan.vundo virus from my computer.  So that’s why there hasn’t been a real update in a few days.  I’ve got some big ones in the pipeline- another boring, rambling essay on why X are the best (punk) band ever (for now you’ll just have to trust me, or stop reading this stie) and a rambling essay on the underappreciated versatility of the ukulele (everything from tom waits to twee).  But for now, you get a very excellent rendition of one of my favorite Low songs by Jose Gonzales.

Last Snowstorm of the Year” is a Low cover, one that is not on Jose Gonzales’ most recent album “In Our Nature

Last Snowstorm of the Year” is a Low song, from their 2002 album  “Trust

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