it’s time to climb back into the saddle/ today it smells 90 proof.

Sorry, once again, for the lack of updates. Sometimes amorphous monsters labeled “stuff” drag you under the bed for days. Let’s say this was one of those times.

So here is part two of the ukulele selection, overall a bit more upbeat than the last group

One April Day” is a Stephen Merrit song from the 2003 Pieces of April Sountrack.

The Canals of Our City” is from Beirut’s 2006 Album Gulag Orkestar.

 “Sunshine Lady” is from Taken By Tree’s (that’s the project of former Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman) 2007 debut Open Field.

Click Click Click” is from Bishop Allen’s 2007 album The Broken String.


There’s an interesting (if expectedly out of date) piece about Yankee Hotel Foxtrot up right now on popmatters, looking at the album as one of the first post-modern rock albums.  it’s a lot less bullshitty than you’d think.   Thinking of postmodern songs (and unbeleivably sad ones as well), one in particular comes to mind, the title track to Lali Puna’s 2004 album Faking The Books.   I don’t want to get heavy handed with this, but the song begins with a woman’s vocie trying to whisper something to you, but you can’t make it out, and by the time you’ve maybe got the first word, the voice has become the songs melody.  And then, despite layering on acoustic guitars, synths, a drum beat, and even a warped melodica (listen closely around the 2 minute mark), the song doesn’t change one bit.  It’s the same lyrics, tragic and slashing repeated over and over again, as though there’s something you’re supposed to be getting, that the band wants you to understand, but they won’t just come out and say it.  one of the most complete fusions of form and content, Faking The Books’ music perfectly refelct the resignation and obscurity of the lyrics.  “I’ll be true again/But until then I fake the books/‘Cause everybody knows this ain’t heaven/Until everybody knows.”  Also, its a dismal fucking day, a teacher i likes husband is dying, a couple i kept time off of for three years just crumbled, and i spent all of last night unable to write an three sentence, happy thank you note to my grandfather.

Faking The Books” is from Lali Puna’s 2004 album Faking The Books.

(and then)

In between the time i wrote this and the time i went back to my house to upload songs, it snowed like spilled milk and then shinned like sportcars, and everything seemed good enough that i was able to silence the voice in my head telling me that NOBODY ever needs to remake Subteranean Homesick Blues, and dance around a little bit to this song

To The Dogs or Whoever” is from Josh Ritter’s 2007 album The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter.


  1. an edged nothing

    dear G. kalmoosecat, 3 of these songz dont suck. boohisss snarglefoorg to the josh ritter. the spilled milk snow got all up in ya brain and made yr cognitive critical thinking cookies all melty?

    hug jess for me.
    hug indiana for me.

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