days that are bottom(s) up.

Many a thing that would better be said simply in life. For example, I don’t give a shit that a candidate thinks that immigration is the single biggest issue facing america right now, I want to know, quite simply, whether a candidate wants to build an invisible killer fence up around texas or put people with guns who certainly can think of better things to do with their time at every river crossing. Too often, rock and roll get stuck up in campaign promises delivered to a steel mill in Youngstown. As of now, this is is one of my favorite rock songs ever, for at least the next three minutes and three seconds. Chisel, too.


This Mystic Decade” is originally from the Hot Snakes’ 2004 album Audit In Progress, but this version is from the 2005 Peel Sessions EP.   And i’m not entirely sure what i think about the Reis’ new project The Night Marchers


Do Go On”is from Chisel’s 1997 album Set You Free.

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