This one isn’t easy. I’m asking something of you. I’m asking you to listen to these songs. Not once. Not twice, maybe thrice, if that does it, but mostly again and again until you inevitably fall in love with them. Last entry I posted a funny little music video from a funny bunch of XTC clones who shared members with the Futureheads. That statement is maybe 1/8th true. Field Music’s most recent album, “Tones of Town” is, as far as I can tell, absolutely incredible. Maybe not as original as an XTC album, but,  certainly more consistant. This is an album built around primary colors, nobel gases. Each song has a one, two, maybe three chord progression (which, as you’ll see, never quite progresses the way you expect), a rhythm section who act more as obsessive compulsive tourguides of state parks than they do as a rhythm section (trust me, you’ll know what I mean after these songs), and lyrics which read like conversations, sad, mostly, but the kind of thing where you say “yeah” (not to be confused with “YEAH!”) a lot.   You know exactly what they’re saying (especially “She Will Do What She Wants”). You will not love these songs the first time you listen to them, but it will come.


She Can Do What She Wants” and “Sit Tight” are both from Field Music’s 2007 album Tones of Town.


 Of course, like any band this good, they’ve already broken up after two albums, but David Brewis, the band’s principle songwriter, is recording really interesting sounding stuff under the name School of Language, who just released their first album on Thrill Jockey. 




here,  (once again courtesy of the unassailible Captainsdead) is the third best cover (it’s still pretty fucking great) of my favorite Bob Dylan song ever, done by Jason Isbell, formerly of the drive by truckers. 

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