trash all these truthful dares

talk about devistating.  i mean, don’t, because there’s really nothing new to be said.  we all feel it, days where we can’t talk about anything without forgetting our point and thinking it probably doesn’t matter, and we have headaches or things that actually aren’t anything near headaches that we like to call headaches, we even take the acetominophin to prove to ourselves, but after this i’m going to drink as much as my guts care to absorb, because there was a suicide on my campus earlier this afternoon, on the day i would least suspect it, the one where everyone exhaled all their cold air into baloon and then kicked them around trees which if you squint right at the sun almost look like they’re blooming.

because recently i’ve discovered that I more or less hate The Microphones (who are/were pretty death obsessed), here’s a song about dying that i think gets it right, and then another one by The Weakerthans, because they get almost everything right.

Six Feet Under” is from Jon Auer’s 2006 album Songs From The Year of Our Demise.

 “(past due)” is from The Weakerthans 2003 album Reconstruction Site. the song is a little difficult to follow, so here are the lyrics.  they’re a sonnet, by the way.

I’m going on a roadtrip from this saturday for a week, so no updates next week.  if tommorow lends a helping hand, i’ll try to start this break on a slightly more upbeat note.

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