c’mon, the guys are all waiting out in the car and they already got their hammers and batteries.

For some reason (and not even if you offered me a pint of Graeters and easy instructions for knitting my own socks could I tell you why for sure) the first days of spring are pop punk days for me. They probably should be Belle and Sebastian days, cloudnaming, dogwalking, letter writing, that ilk. Instead, the first spring days make me want to floorpunch. Or at least, they make me want to walk around hurting my ears by playing pop punk too loudly. See y’all in a week or so. Enjoy these

Shoot The Moon” is from Face to Face’s last album, 2002’s excellent How To Ruin Everything.

Eight Wheels” is from Tiger Trap’s 1993 Self Titled album.

Get Your Study Hall Outta My Recess” is from Dillinger Four’s 2000 album Versus God.

The Condition” is from Defiance, Ohio’s recently released album The Fear, The Fear, The Fear.

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