“you’re like the caked on food i can’t get rid of and kind of half want to eat” but a love song.

Criteria are an emo band. they mostly write songs about being broken up with or being in a relationship.  Occasionally, they do the breaking up.   Their lead singer was the original guitarist for Cursive but quit before they “made it” “big.”  But they’re smarter than that. Their lead singer also has a law degree, and has logged time in a bunch of bass-heavy post punk bands, and their drummer is avalanchic, but he also happens to be A.J. Mogis, brother to Omaha uber-producer Mike Mogis.  They’re a smart bunch of guys who make loud, crunchy rocks songs.  Let me explain crunchy, because i do not mean “granola crunch” or “bones crunch,” i mean distorted without being sludgy, punchy without sounding like rap-rock. Lyrics that are meant to be shouted, but not in a throat destroying manner, bass lines that couldn’t jump if you put hot coals under their feet. More along the line of firing up a bunch of chainsaws rhythmically, not along the lines of being trapped inside the death star trash compactor.

The Coincidence” and “It Happens” are from the band’s 2003 album En Garde

Ride The Snake” (and i swear to you, it is not a Spinal Tap song) is from the band’s 2005 album When We Break.

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