the writings on the wall. the wall with the calendar.

Two bands i recently dug out of the archive.

First, because eventually everyone needs a good joke-filled twee band, there’s Billy and the Boingers.  Forming out of the ashes of 80s Hair Metals Band Deathtounge, the band dropped the spandex and picked up horns and harmony vocals (or, as it is known among critics, they pulled a reverse Primal Scream).  If you like Peter and the Wolf, Arrah and the Ferns, or The Bird and The Bee, definitely check these guys out.  you can’t beat a band who have a Rhythm Tuba player.

 “U Stink but I Love U” is from the band’s out of print self titled seven inch, which can be downloaded in its entirety right here.

If you ever sit around eating glass and wondering “Man, i wonder what No Age would sound like if they stopped being such pussies and played LOUD,” then i will gladly introduce you to the Negative Adjectives, the hardest and most thing to emerge from the midwest since Barak Obama’s issue stance on health care.   The band hold’s back nothing, often not naming their songs (No Name 1-8; like spitting on Eliott Smith’s grave a little bit), and are just as willing to segue from one of their blistering thrash punk anthems into an entirely sincere cover of “I Fought The Law,” which, if i may say so myself, might actually one up The Clash’s version.  

Their complete discography will soon be reissued by No Idea records, but probably the best place to start with this band is probably at the begining

oh, and, um, happy april.

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