apologies, travelers cheques accepted

Bare with me

This morning I woke up to the thought of a livid mother I never had forcing dry milk down the throat of the second or third to best impersonation of fourteen that I’ve ever seen (but they got the lip ring all wrong, we used to wear it hanging, like we wanted our futures to know that they were being condemned to books we never would read), and I thought

Hey it’s a great day to let loneliness sit in the backseat
Fiddle with the road atlas you’ve let enough muddy feet
Empty dirt and snow upon, it will be a great day for linking
Empty train car with empty fucking train car, for drinking
‘till the signals switch. It is a day when old rifts get their oil
changed, but only because the new ones have taken to ripping up the soil
in search of the last roots left keeping me staring at a dancer
whose told me many times now that I need to move, with her,
but what she really means after all the makeup comes off is get
out of the limo if you don’t know where we’re headed, don’t let
these miles per hour stop you don’t let anything stop you, clear-
ly teleology is a great way of saying “not ready quite yet,” let fear
keep you keeping nursery rhymes close and a parent’s angle
staring you at your unchanging back.

Summer (Priority Version)” is from Mogwai’s 1997 album Young Team.  

Slashed Your Tires” is a demo of a song that would appear later on Luna’s first, 1992 album Lunapark.

Carbon Monoxide” is something close to perfect that appeared on Regina Spektor’s 2004 album Soviet Kitsch.

expect something a little more coherent later.  sorry i’m late with this update, the internet’s been  watercolors on a masterpiece in a hailstorm.  

(PS- go buy the new billy bragg album, and the thao and the get down stay down album. and i couldn’t be more excited that Jim Guthrie is making music again.)

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