dear teacups and wet couches, start pulling your weight.

One addendum to my claim that i’m going to be posting a lot more on this thing: i might not. i’m only posting today because i’m house sitting for my geology professor whose wireless i’ve been stealing. until i move to a residence with a more permanent/more existent internet connection, things’ll be a little touch and go.

Embarrassing admission: i don’t do especially well with being alone in rural houses alone at night. Last night i kept thinking back to the previews of horror movies i never actually saw and imagined ghosts, little kids in masks with knives, or the undead apparition of the man me and four other teenagers accidentally hit on prom night when we were out joyriding (ok, all but the last one), and so i slept on the couch in front of the TV with public access humming in the background.

This morning was a slow wake up. since graduating i’ve gotten back to reading for pleasure, and so lying in bed for fourty five minutes now has renewed purpose. then i couldn’t figure out the espresso machine, ate a bowl of a kiddie cereal i’m infinitely happy that two thirty year olds consume, and then, i shit you not, sat down and did as much yoga as i remember from the 6 weeks i was forced to take; my body and my bad back are thankfully destroying any notions of a cross country drive where i crash on couches from sea to shining sea. it was slow, and here is some music for just that kind of slow-drip wakeup.

Eye Know” is from De La Soul’s 1989 album 3 Feet High and Rising.

Shoot You Down” is from The Stone Roses’ 1990 self titled album.

Tricycle” is from Psapp’s 2006 album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted.

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