with only half a road left in sight.

Pennsylvania is just impossibly long. you pass by places that stand out like cities even though they can’t pronounce their own names, with diners which forget to put cheese on their pizza (don’t think i’m forgetting that one, Du Bois), and with eternally mild skies. its the kind of place that begs for car crashes just so it doesn’t fall asleep. Ohio i can deal with, and western New Jersey is a cakewalk, but the 6 hours driving 80 from the edge of PA to the other edge of PA is where i get scared. This drive, because i’m a sentimental motherfucker if nothing else, i decided to do something to make the hours pass; i only listened to mixes that were made for me, many of which i haven’t sat down and listened to in years.  Unless i found a song truly revolting, i wasn’t allowed to push the skip button. i found some buried treasure. so this post is brought to you by the hard work and compilation skillz of Katie Jones, Esther Ruth Martin, Daniel Fisher, Emma Abernathy, Erica Shed, Thom Stead, David Lord Butler, and Julia Knox.

Black Stacey” is a Saul Williams song from Esther’s mix “! for now (Version 2: may 2006)”

Evelyn is not real” is a My Morning Jacket song from Katie’s mix, “A Traveling Mix”

this is something i don’t know a track or artist name of, but i love, from Erica’s mix “Gabe’s Pretentious Indie Rock Out Mix”

21st century pop song” is a live recording By Why? from Thom’s Mix “This took so long, sorry.”

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