nothing arm and hammer won’t ease.

this is my last empty summer for quite a while.  while i am gainfully employed, it’s the kind of job where my boss will forget what color my hair was and where i live 2 days after i leave. this’ll be the last one where i happily forget which day of the week it is, and spend time scratching off sunburns i’m actually content with having gotten; the battlescars of idleness are hard to part with.  one of my all time favorite summer things to do, though, is something i probably won’t be doing much this summer, even though i could; driving around, really late, aimlessly, sometimes for hours.  there’s a certain trance you get into mid summer; it’s the kind of thing that brings on speeding tickets but never accidents, and there’s, of course, a certain kind of music that compliments the whole thing.  these songs are mostly quiet, but they’ve also got to be able to stand their own against the wind that breaks its way through open windows at high speeds.  sometimes they’re the kind that are already fading, but they’re never really lethargic; they have something to keep them going.  They’re songs that could give you all they’ve got, but they hold about a third of the way back.    a general category for them, if you want one, might be “not Dillinger Escape Plan”

New Town” is from Vic Chesnutt’s 1996 album About to Choke

Smelling Medicinal” is from South San Gabriel’s 2003 album Welcome, Covalence (and, one more time, before i do a post on just them, PLEASE go buy the new Centro-Matic/South San Gabriel album)

A Little Lost” is from the 1997 Arthur Russell compilation Another Thought.

Cemetary Eyes” is from the 2007 Bottom of the Hudson album Fantastic Hawk.

The Whole of the Law” is from Yo La Tengo’s 1993 album Painful.


while i’m skipping pitchfork (‘cuz the lineup is second rate, and the ticket prices are worse), and instead going to the Siren Fest (which has the best lineup they’ve had in years, and is free, and out on coney island), the whole time i’m there, i’ll be wishing i was at the Sled Island Festival, which has a lineup so good, it makes me want to impulsively drive up there, then cry a lot when i realize how impossible that plan is.  

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