blanch the day

A few nights ago I dropped asleep full of post-work exhaustion, and halfway through the night Fall ran through town, knocking over garbage cans and tearing down garage sale posters. I woke up midsleep, cold but not freezing, and wondered how a season could get here so fast. Point is, it’s fall.

I think Canadians get fall better than we do. I mean, sure, we’ve got some nice New Hampshire foliage, and Wal Mart can sure put together a nice Autumn montage to sell candles and sweaters and such, but, at least in my image of Canada, it’s fall at least 9 months of the year; the days are long but always getting shorter, people wear layers which they struggle in and out of as the day goes on, and leaves are never growing and always falling.

The Neil Young song is telling you a thirty year old story it just remembered as you walk to the CVS. The Great Lake Swimmers song is getting back from the airport later than it thought it would, eating the chinese leftovers, reading that morning’s paper, and then sleeping on the couch so it doesn’t wake you up. The Jason Collett song is that time it snowed in mid october, and you tried to go out and make a snowball, but had to settle for letting it melt on your tounge. The Weakerthans song is one of my absolute favorites.

“Oh come on!” you shout, “I can’t deal with this. Every season you post these alt country songs, all quiet and stuff and you expect me to believe you’re actually chosing significantly different songs for each season?” “simmer down” I respond, “i think there is a pretty big difference between something like the alt-county of the Vic Chesnutt who I included in my late night summer post and the alt country of The Great Lake Swimmers. Vic sounds like a poetry professor who just sat down at a campfire in a KOA outside of Louisville and started playing. The Great Lake Swimmers sound like they recorded inside a humpback whale: their songs are filled with warmth, but also a sense of splendor. So I think there are differences, and if you don’t like alt country, well then, tell me what your favorite septoctnov songs are.

Harvest Moon” is from Neil Young’s 1992 album Harvest Moon.

Where in The World Are You” is from the Great Lake Swimers’ 2007 album Ongiara

No Redemption Song” is from Jason Collett’s 2008 album Here’s to Being Here

Left and Leaving” is from the Weakerthans’ 2000 album Left and Leaving.


I mainly remember The End of the World from a good single I used to have where they sounded like the Walkmen but sadder. I think their new song will help me remember them as The End of the World.


here is something different but also very Canadian. Ever wonder what happens when heartfelt crooning meets old timey country? You should, when it turns out this well

Just One More” is from Jon-Rae and the River’s 2006 album Know Just What You Need

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