a better thanks

If you want to listen to this song right, there’s a little bit of recording you’ve got to do yourself. You see, Anni Rossi, in addition to being probably the only viola playing singer songwriter only the planet (so me saying she is, in fact, the best viola playing singer sonwriter on the planet is somewhat ridiculoud), also straps tap shoes to her feet and attempts to dismantle every stage she plays, heeling out the rhythym of her songs. Acording to wikipedia, the viola is more or less the rhythm guitar of the orchestra, but Rossi makes it into a tantruming child in the back of the bus, a plastic bag full of old box fans being thrown up in the air. She makes into something that would attract a spotlight. Unfortunately, her one piece of recorded output at this point was a 7 inch on Too Pure (which, if you’ll look halfway down the page, just went outta buisness), and that 7 inch does not contain any of the immense percussion that her live sets also feature, so I implore you, dear reader, to go pour some tabasco sauce in the eyes of a woodpecker, and then play this song along with that.

Wheelpusher” is one of two tracks on the Sincerely, Anni Rossi 7” which came out this year. You can buy it at her live shows. go see one.

and, for the scientifically calculated inverse of that song, here is the theme song Mick Jagger recorded for an art-porno film he was in the 70s.

Memo From Turner” is a Mick Jagger song from the 1970 soundtrack to the film Performace.

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