Don’t tell that to anyone who knows twenty five things about you.

So 6 week of congestion and dirt that will continue to settle because it’s unreasonable to open windows and too brief to get home from work and clean the space where you sleep. 6 weeks during which I will contemplate the exact ways ways I would torment every single member of congress (a knuckle sandwich for most of ’em, for a select few, Dingle and Rothman among them, a move i’m working on called the “making you listen to the Wings best of while I force you to ingest different kinds of headware.” 6 week where the music i’m listening to is mostly anti-freeze. But you guys have probably heard enough Drive Like Jehu and Ex and Husker Du to last you through NEXT winter (or, if you’ve gone outside to sleet and a negative windchill and you ears start to feel like they’re carpet that’s been run over by a cavalcade of rabid possums driving Nissans, then you’ve gotten the same experience.). So instead, here’s a counter-point. Here’s my favorite (and one of the funkiest) T Rex song(s).

Soul of My Suit” is from T. Rex’s album Dandy in the Underworld.


Captains Dead just posted a spectacular Will Johnson live set where he plays new material from his forthcoming release with Jason Molina. Sounds better than this. Hell, to me, it sounds better than this.


This could jumpstart giant russian rocketships if they ever needed it.


hey folk in southeast michigan, go to the Jim Shaw benefit at the Magic Stick on saturday night, if for no other reason than to help me beg Greg Cartwright to play “Funny Thing” acoustic.

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