i wish you’d ask me more about the radio (a woa oh!)

It’s in the last weeks of winter when the dirt becomes noticeable. Suddenly, your bed feels twice as big and twice as loud, and everything seems to have fallen off of something else. You think about washing your car a lot, but never do.

Chilly Winds” is from Odetta’s album At The Gate of the Horn.

By the last week, you know for certain that it’s on its way out. Everything is muddy and suddenly you realize you can take your phonecalls out of the freezer. Your feet still feel cold, but your winter coat looks less and less appropriate as the weeks go out. Your clock is always wrong and most days you forget to eat breakfast. You think about taking up a new hobby, but then you look at the stack of half finished books and stay in on sunday. It’s an annoying time, though. Insects reappear.

No Room 9 Kentucky” is from Shudder To Think’s album Pony Express Record.

Speck of Dust” is From They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’s album Pick up Sticks.

The first day of spring is the one where you forget your name. You forget to put on clothes. You forget to go to work, and you even forget that it’s the first day of spring. The first day of spring is shouting. It’s the time for breaking champagne onto beds and staying awake on corrugated cardboard.

Lavender” is from Oneida’s album The Wedding.

Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)” is from Ponytail’s album Ice Cream Spiritual .

“Let’s Go Crazy” is from the Prince album Purple Rain. (UPDATE: SORRY PRINCE! JEHOVAH TOTALLY RULES, THOUGH!)

So that Harlem Shakes album comes out in a few days. On this album, they radically changed my favorite song of of theirs into something different which I really don’t dislike at all. Pitchfork’s got the buzz, but (big news!) I disagree entirely with their assessment of the group. Here’s the original.

A Night” is from the Harlem Shakes 2nd Demo.

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