I mean, it’s definitely salad season.

Seems like every place in the Midwest is about 4 hours from Chicago, and the only problem with that is, come august, I’m moving 10 hours from the midwest. So I’m sad to report that I might have just gotten back from Chicago for the last time in a while. In most ways (except for the important fact that i’m from the new york metro area), I even like Chicago better than New York. It’s got green space, an amazing skyline, friendly bikers, a wonderfully rickety transit system, and the scraggly optimism that comes from long grey winters. And it’s got music, a diverse but supportive and cozy music scene. Most of this is from Chicago, some of it just screams Chicago. A memory with each song

The snow on the Sears Tower, and then the snow being sifted by the blue line.
TNT” is the title track from Tortoise’s 1998 album TNT.

A backyard, last weekend, loud, with free beer, where people do a choreographed dance for someone’s bithday I don’t know
Hard To Be Human Again” and “Wild and Blue” are live Mekons tracks which originally appeared on Fear and Whiskey and Curse of the Mekons, respectively.

The skyway, late, with 4 hours back to sleep in Indiana.
Didn’t it Rain” is from Songs:Ohia’s album Didn’t it Rain.

A political protest so cold we almost forgot what we were protesting, the crowded room afterwards.
The Operative” and “His Mark Replies” are from Silkworm’s 2002 album It’ll Be Cool.

The fern room of the Garfield Conservatory with rain leaking from 80 year old cracks in the ceiling.
We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers” is from Chin Up Chin Up’s album of the same name.

And hey detroit, looks like PJ’s Lager House is doing something worth paying attention to every Thursday in June.

PS: sorry the server was down for so long at the end of last month; that might happen at the end of every month- i don’t have the money to pay for more bandwidth; anyone who knows anything about this who might know a solution, it’d be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Um. False alarm about that “not going to make it out to chicago before I move back east” thing. Clearly, I’m going back to see two of the artists from this post perform at one of my favorite venues in the city.

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