we’ve forgotten all genealogy

Well, that’s it. I’ve found my summer jam 2009.

This song is exceptional because I’ve listened to it at least 5 times today (epic for me, I normally get antsy after i listen to a song twice in a row), and I can’t tell you a single line of those damned words except where she says “happiness” and then when she says “dog. days. are OVER.” The words escape me because the music distracts me, and the music distracts me because it’s like somebody took all the energy of Jock Jams and put it into something you’d actually want to listen to. I love that I forget about this song’s TWO false endings and then am immediately thrilled that I’ve got more song before it ends. I love that this song starts out on tip toes and then starts foxtrotting.

Dog Days are Over” is from Florence and the Machine’s unbelievably well titled EP A lot of Love, A Lot of Blood. I found out about it, btw, on this post on Blisslist.

And because something that cheery needs a come-down, here‘s Vic Chesnutt and Elf Power’s recent Daytrotter session. Beautiful, every second of it.

And a few more things; one, sometimes you just stumble on a crack in the sidewalk and think it’s a crack in the sidewalk. and sometimes you stumble upon a crack and, for some reason, are compelled to go horizontal, to look inside and see that crack in 400 feet deep, has a museum to everyone that has ever tripped over it in its 18 years 5 months of existence, has a family history of the worms that has wriggled through that crack, portraiture of the flowers that sprouted up out of it, a soundtrack even, of the rain falling it, a case to hold in the battery acid from the dead Duracell that rolled inside. I stumbled upon this blog because it had posted a Springsteen song I wanted to listen to at work. I’m not one for curtness, but here it goes. Read This. Now.

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