hey all,
there isn’t going to be a post on here for some time. my grandfather, whom i was quite close to, passed away on friday, and i’ve been shuffling things around and eating stale funeral bagles in jersey for the past few days. part of the jewish tradition of sitting shiva (a 7 day period following burial which is part of an 11 month mourning cycle) involves not doing work. while i can’t exactly do that; i head back to Michigan and to my job on thursday, i can cut certain things out of my life for a while; sex, drugs, and, in this case, rock and roll. Because music is such a key part of my every day life, and my grandfather’s death is a continent sized rift in my every day life, i’m not going to be listening to music, talking about it, going to see it live, or writing about it for some time. how long? sorry to leave it ambiguous, but until it feels right to start regular life again.

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