we try to do things right.

Four years of Indiana driving, here in this one song.

This is a variation on about twenty different true stories: It’s late and Jo’s past out…passed out in the back seat. she stayed awake long enough to keep smiling as we left 1 song into the encore because it’s already passed one, and all of us had felt content with what we came here to get, and then got. Columbus feels like a model train set somebody built in their basement, and I can’t figure out how to turn on the radio in Amy’s car. Anthony’s trying to stay awake to read directions, but I can tell it’s barely working. I get onto 70 west, which is down to one lane because construction equipment is idling in the other, and count down the exit numbers at the same time i try to avoid making eye contact with the signs, it’s the battle of hope and resignation on the smallest scale I can picture. I’ve still got an hour and a half before I sleep.

People in the midwest drive, a lot. You end up driving, even if you live in a city and want to get to the other side of that city. Early Day Miners are from Indiana, and I’m sure they go to shows, and I’m sure they’ve had those drives. They know the almost swerve and the quick recovery. If you’re in the midwest and you drive to shows, put this one on, the next drive home. If you’re not in the midwest, and you don’t have a car, just stay awake ’till you halfway to bloodshot, and then go out to get a quart of milk, and listen to this.

So Slowly” is From the Early Day Miner’s soon to be released album The Treatment. I’m looking forward to it.

Speaking of the midwest (and, lets be honest, when am I NOT speaking of the midwest), Cheap Girls are a good Power Pop band from Lansing. I’d explain more, but doesn’t that really defeat the point?

Through To Me” is from Cheap Girls’ album Find Me A Drink Home (which you can get for free/[with a donation] from Quote Endquote Records). They’ve got a new album coming out soon; hear it at their myspace.

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