leap before you linger

Today I was going to do a post about the Muse album “The Origin of Symmetry,” in my opinion the last good thing they released, but now I’ve got a headache, so here’s a quiet song about a man’s love for his cat.

There’s something that shouldn’t work about Mark Kozelek and the various bands he’s part of (Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters). If “slowcore” was ever a legitimate genre, then Kozelek was one of it’s only adherents. His songs are long stretches of road, flat and never changing. 15 minutes can go by with the same melody, the same ambling tempo, the same sorta-lovelorn-but-mostly-abstract lyrics. And Kozelek is doing nothing to sell it to you or make it more digestible; his voice is nice, but indistinct. He’s not trying to make things difficult, but he is making music squarely on his own terms. Somehow despite all that I’ve described, Kozelek’s song’s often work; they are affecting and listenable. I’m giving you probably the most accessible thing he’s written. And I love that one of his most genuine love songs was written about his cat.

Wop-A-Din-Din” is from The Red House Painter’s last album Old Ramon.

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