I hate that I knew you, and that that wasn’t enough.

3 things.

First, Surfer Blood are an especially fun band, in the same way that superdrag/chunk/furry animals are;  they write melodies for kids wearing cut off shorts to sing as they don’t realize but, yeah, they’re kinda strutting down the street on sunday.  I like them in spite of a persistent buzz that followed them around, which I’m assuming comes from a gaggle of wasps that follow them around.

Floating Vibes” is from Surfer Blood’s album Astro Coast.

Also, who remembers how sensational of a group Beulah were?   It’s been a few years, so you’re forgiven if you don’t, but beaulah were one of the rare bands who knew the value is delaying gratification.   They had those progressions that knocked the wind right out of you but they were just as happy to make you walk up a hill of two or three chords (not bad, but not sweet, not rewarding, not an embrace) before you got to them.  One of my favorite collections of music of all time is a live set the band did for the BBC in the mid 90’s.  Here’s the opening track from it.

Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand” is originally from Beulah album When Your Heartstrings Break.

The reason I mention that is because Miles Kurosky, the band’s lead singer releases his solo debut on Tuesday, and, judging off this track I stole from another blog, it’s going to be just as fulfilling as the best of Beulah’s albums.

She Was My Dresden” is from Miles Kurosky’s forthcoming solo debut The Desert of Shallow Effects.

Finally, here’s one I wish I didn’t have to write, because I almost saw it coming from the get-go.  Mark Linkous, singer/songwriter of Sparklehorse killed himself yesterday.  I say “almost saw it coming” not because I knew Linkous or anything of the sort.  I say it because Sparklehorse’s songs were either intensely emotionally fragile, so much so that it almost isolated a listener from the music itself, or intensely emtionally fragile under the guise of lashing out and breaking down.  Linkhous’ voice rides on a quiver; and the words he sung seemed like they were held together only by the last hundreth of the last syllable.  Sparklehorse were a difficult band, but the frailty of their songs which made them so draining also made them absolutely stunning.  Sparklehorse were worth whatever they would take or drain or bleed out of you.  What a shame.

Gasoline Horsey’s [live verson]”  is from the Distorted Ghost EP by Sparklehorse.

It’s a Wonderful Life”  and “Gold Day”  are from Sparklehorse’s album It’s a Wonderful Life.


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  3. j. carlisle

    i was totally listening to surfer blood when i decided to read your blog today. they’re playing at the magic stick in the D tomorrow night; i think i’m going to drag katie & iona to the show.

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