we don’t know it’s there if we don’t dig it up.

Dark Dark Dark’s wonderful concert friday night provided the first enjoyable show experience I’ve had at Union Pool.*  I don’t know why I keep getting into the old timey folk-grass-y groups, but Dark Dark Dark are something else.  Though, at least on myspace they’re close friend with Hurray for the Riff Raff, they’re in many ways that group’s inverse.  While Hurray for the Riff Raff start with silence and craft songs around that, Dark Dark Dark are an unsharpened pencil being pressed too hard against construction paper.  If there’s any space left in these songs, it’s because they group didn’t notice, and if they had, they would have surely filled it in.

I don’t know what to call Dark Dark Dark, they’re too modern to be old timey, too propulsive to be bluegrass, too traveled to be country.  Here’s something:  they’re good music.  They’re claustrophobic and loud and good.

One of the most noticeable attributes of Dark Dark Dark is the distinct voices of Nona Marie Invie and  Marshall LaCount.  LaCount brings more force that you’d think possible to his buttoned up, double brested voice, while Invie’s voice is secretive, commanding, dark, and clenching.  The two voices don’t so much play off each-other as they do circle each other, like some kind of warped midnight monkey knife fight.

Also, they cover an Elephant Micah song, and one of the criteria of not having my Alma Matter snatch back my diploma is that I mention any artist associated with our school’s best musical export.

Benefit of the Doubt”  and “Trouble No More” are from Dark, Dark, Dark’s album The Snow Magic.

And also, I’ve been walking around new york a lot listening to Luna, which is making me wish I were 19 and it were the spring of 1993 and i had a pair of sunglasses and a propensity for not waking up in time for brunch menus.  Luna are a New York City band; not that they started here (they’re from boston, originally, though they moved here shortly after), but that their songs are equal parts flippant, namedropping, full of shit,  poetic, tired, and gazing skyward.   Luna’s songs feel cool, and not at all in an exhausting way like they’re trying, trying so hard to get to cool.  They just end up there.

Slide” and “Slashed Your Tires” are from Luna’s first album Lunapark.

Bewitched” is from Luna’s album Bewitched.

*Love the bar, hate the lack of visibility of the stage, the crowd who always seem to be short on sleep and the not always great sound people.


  1. Sarah

    Going backwards a bit here as far as posts, but I’m glad I did. I love all the Luna songs you linked:) As always, thanks for the new (to me) music!

    • songssavelives

      Thanks Sarah- Luna goofy but great. Let me know what you think of Tune-Yards (the most recent post), I think you might like her, esp. if you like the Dirty Projectors. I’ll see you in a month or so for Penny’s retirement party (But don’t tell Natalie or Penny).

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