The Thunder We Always Thought We Were Stealing.

Right now, this very second, Miniboone are playing on a rootop about 7 blocks away from me in Bed Stuy, and, if I wasn’t ill and waiting for my miracle-cure turnip soufle to finish baking, I would be there, flailing like i was a huricane wrecking a volcanoe.  MiniBoone are a band that provoke such a reaction, despite the 95 degree weather currently hovering and the pollution that such temperatures bring.  In fract, Miniboone thrive on the extremes, the sun glare, the heat, the coughing and the crowding.  Their songs sounds reckless, which is a great feat, because seeing the band live, you realize that the 5 band members (who constantly switch instruments, maybe out of restiveness, maybe just to show off) are all pretty ace at playing their instruments.  It’s abrusd to me that a band can replicate the illusion of a breaking machine so perfectly without coming off as coniving and phony.   Miniboone Do it.  This is a band who would smile just to let you knock their teeth out.   This is music for a messy summer.

Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself”  and “Rosalina Must Dance Alone” are from Miniboone’s new EP Big Changes.

(they also make a mean music video)

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