falling in love via dash cam

First off, the other week or so Kendall and I were in LA and driving and then the radio put on this song and it was like we stop and go-ed into a movie named “Summer Surfers Stare Wistfully At the Ocean.” Sure, it’s a bit melancholy, but the title track from La Sera’s really good new album The Hour of the Dawn is my 2014 summer jam. At least, my 2014 stuck in LA traffic summer Jam. You’re stuck on some highway you don’t remember the number of (because you’re not from here, you’re from san diego), and the AC is struggling against a deficit and you’re so worried about sitting still you’re starting to worried about left arm lacking sunscreen. 

And then “Hour of the Dawn” hits.

La Sera- Hour of the Dawn

It probably took her 4 hours to drive to this view.

Even if the traffic doesn’t part like Moses, even if a sky of soppy summer clouds doesn’t materialize and cool down the megaplex by 10 degrees, even if the guy behind you honking like that will change things holds fast to his belief that leaning on the horn will change things, things will get lighter. Then heavier, but let’s stick to lighter first.  

On past albums, La Sera singer-songwriter-guitarist Katy Goodman sounded like she was performing with session musicians.  The guitars at the the beginning of “Hour of the Dawn,” the guitars halfway through the song, the fume-rising solo halfway through the song, Goodman’s almost instructive-precise vocals, they’re all great as they have been on past La Sera albums, but here they’re all supported by drums, bass, rhythm guitar that actually seem written by other players.  The band effort which runs through this album suits Goodman- I hope it sticks around.

And you could rightfully say “Gabe, this is one hell of a melancholy song for your summer jam pick”  and you would be right.  But I always will be a sucker for songs that wrap quicksand kinds of sadness into the most upbeat melodies, something Katy Goodman does exceptionally well.  Just download this song, burn it to CD and drive as far and fast and long as you want-  you will not get sick of it.  Let me assure you, the rest of the album (including Game Of Thrones references) is nearly as perfect.

Summer of Love” and “The Hour of the Dawn” are from the La Sera album The Hour of the Dawn.

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